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What to pack for traveling in India

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We all know the stress of having to prepare for a trip; what to pack, what to leave, what to buy when you are there, what have I forgotten etc. There is lots to remember! That’s why we have compiled the following article for you, to take some of the stress off what should be a really wonderful process.

Take in mind that this list is not absolute, and there will be many things that vary from person to person and of course region to region.

For travel in summer, or to a hotter region:

Travel light! You can buy many things very cheaply when you land in the country. A backpack is always more comfortable and mobile than a suitcase.

Sun cream. Very important in summer days and there are many more brands that will exist in your home country than in shops in India/Nepal/Tibet/Bhutan etc.

Sunglasses, a brimmed hat, a light shawl or scarf to protect yourself from the sun.

Electronics such as your music player, your phone, an adaptor or converter. Avoid carrying a cumbersome laptop.

As a general rule think light colours, long sleeves and cotton. Spend more on comfort as it will help you more than you think!

We suggest a vest under your shirt to act as a sweat-breaker. If you are travelling in humid regions remember to carry several changes of t-shirt as you will sweat a lot.

Laundry can be done everyone, and very cheaply. Make sure things can roll up or fold nicely to maximize on space.

Whilst you must respect the local traditions, places such as Goa will have lax laws on partying and what you should be wearing. Therefore take a couple of party-shirts for the experience.

Always. Carry. Toilet. Roll.

Get a range of basic toilettires such as toothpaste, toothbrush, face cream, soap, a flannel and a foldup towel. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer as it could save you a couple of days of Delhi Belly. Include a range of medicines such as ibuprofen, something for an upset stomach/motion sickness.


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What to pack for traveling in India | India Travel Information

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